Leonardo DiCaprio to soon play Da Vinci in his upcoming biopic

Iconic artworks like the Mona Lisa and Vitruvian Man still give us jitters of joy! For that’s the magic Leonardo Da Vinci has successfully woven into our lives. While a biopic of the master painter was expected by all, it’s thrilling to know that it will star none other than Leonardo DiCaprio! Yup, that’s right! The star who once borrowed his name from the artist is all set to play him on-screen, and it’s already making us scream out of joy!

The film will be based on Walter Issacson’s soon to be released book titled – “‘Leonardo da Vinci’. The famed author is also known for his auto biographies on Albert Einstein and Steve jobs and hence it’s no surprise that the movie has a more than worthy referencing script! The option to film the book was recently won by Paramount, who is said to have paid a whopping seven figure sum for the deal.

As per legend, DiCaprio fired his first kick inside his mother’s womb when she was adoring the artist’s painting in a gallery. It’s then that she decided to name his after the famous painter. But little had he known that he would one day get a chance to portray him on screen! The biopic will further be featured by the Oscar winning star’s own production company – The Appian Way. Well, until the movie releases officially, we shall have our hearts quivering and our fingers crossed!


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