Leonardo DiCaprio is Living Green in New York

What does a 33-year-old Oscar-nominated actor who has served on the board of directors of the environmental organization Global Green USA and owns a hybrid car and has had solar panels put on his Los Angeles home do? Phew! Finally that list his eco-friendliness is over! But answering my own question – he buys an expensive eco-friendly apartment in a posh locality of New York and gets hailed for practicing what he preaches! Bah! The injustice of this all! The actor – Leonardo DiCaprio has just bought an apartment in Riverhouse, an eco-friendly building overlooking the Hudson River. The purchase was confirmed by Christopher Daly, president of the Sheldrake Organisation. The organization is the developer for the Battery Park City Complex. Occupancy for these apartments is slated for this summer. The 264-unit condominium glass tower overlooks the river and a park, and boasts low emission paints, a 24-hour fresh filtered air system, a water treatment facility, and rotating solar panels. And to further pamper Leo boy and give him everything on a platter (how unfair is life??), the high-rise also features an indoor 50-foot lap pool, media cafe, fitness center, landscaped terrace, and dog spa!

The building also will house the City Bakery and a branch of the New York Public Library. I don’t get it. What’s so eco-friendly about this building anyway? Now I think the world at large would be impressed if eco-friendly Leo would just buy a house in the countryside where all he could use was natural light during the day and candles at night and you know get it on with nature in a true eco-friendly style. What say you?