Like the Donald Trump presidency, ‘The Simpsons’ also rightfully predicted Richard Branson’s space trip

The Simpsons have once again been credited with predicting the future. This time the series is said to have foretold Richard Branson’s trip to space. The news came in after an image of Sir Richard Branson enjoying zero-gravity in a 2014 episode went viral on the net.

The Virgin Atlantic Twitter account owned by the British posted the alleged evidence that the space odyssey had already been prophesied in the cartoon. A version of Branson is further said to have appeared in three episodes on the show.

However, as per reports, the writers of the cartoon may have already known about Branson’s astronomical aspirations by the time they wrote the “predictive” episode and may have simply satirized it instead of actually foretelling the event.

On July 11, Richard Branson’s VMS Eve spacecraft took off from Spaceport America in the New Mexico desert. The VSS Unity aircraft detached itself from the spacecraft and ascended to a height of 89 km after reaching an altitude of 15 kilometers. It successfully landed in New Mexico at 9:38 am local time after spending several minutes in orbit.

Whether or not Simpsons predicted Branson’s space flight, we’re sure as hell elated with his intergalactic achievement!

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