Mad Men producers pay $250,000 for the Beatles’ song ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’

All you folks following ‘Mad Men’ on TV must have had your their eyes pop out when their latest episode concluded with the Beatles song “Tomorrow Never Knows”. This was pretty unusual as Beatles are very choosy about who they give their licensing rights too, turning down almost every offer that came their way in the last few years. Matthew Weiner, the creator and show runner of ‘Mad Men’ always thought that the show lacked a certain authenticity and so decided that the song must go on their show. But what did he pick? Beatles performing live in the show rather than a song, which is also sought after. It took him a while, though to go for the kill. Apparently, he had been trying “for a few years” to get different Beatles songs onto “Mad Men” which got rejected by the Apple Corps in the past.

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Getting the famous band of the 60’s playing in his episode cost him quite a bomb, that of $250,000, a price which is way above premium at a time when most pop songs can be licensed for less than $100,000. But for Mr Weiner, it wasn’t about the money; it was about the legacy and the artistic impact which was a winner for his show.
[NY Times]

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