Madonna pampers Jesus with $2.73 Million mansion in NYC

It has been one helluva journey for Jesus Luz, the Brazilian supermodel and Madonna’s boy toy. After being the talk of tabloids, Jesus and Madonna’s flaming relationship has reached new heights as she has decided to pamper him with a luxury New York apartment worth $2.73 million in a plush neighborhood. Madge and Jesus are even going to celebrate a commitment ceremony, falling short of a full-fledged marriage.

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Madonna has made it clear that she loves Jesus dearly, and wants him to stay close to her $40 million house in New York City, but is definitely not ready to marry him, as she has had some really bitter experiences in life in the marriage department. While Madonna stays away from marriage, she has made sure she pampers her youthful lover in every possible way, which includes gifting top notch DJ tuition, and musical equipments worth $48,000. Jesus meanwhile is doing what he is best at: looking great!
Via: Contact Music

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