Madonna rumored to sign a $1 billion residency deal in Las Vegas

The “material girl” of the entertainment industry, Madonna has topped the “Cash Queens of Music” list many a times. Now the luxury loving singing sensation is all set to become the third richest female entertainer in the world. Rumors suggest Madonna is in talks with promoters to establish a run of shows in Las Vegas. Madonna is expected to earn $1 billion by signing the rumored deal for a five-year residency in Las Vegas. Currently, with an estimated fortune of £208 million ($320 million), Madonna sits in the fourth position of the highest-earning female in the entertainment industry. However, the signer is already under a ten-year touring contract with promoters Live Nation, signed in 2007 for a reported £80 million ($123 million). So if all goes well and the Las Vegas contract does not conflict with her current Live Nation contract, Madonna could well have herself a $1 billion jackpot.

If the contract fails to get through, the singer will still earn millions from her upcoming tours.

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