Madonna shells out $77,250 to install a device to fight cellulite

The war between women and cellulite has been going on for ages. According to market analysts Mintel, women fork out £56 million a year on products that promise to fight cellulite. Despite many miracle creams claiming to defeat this enemy, there is still no assured cure for this woe. But the latest machine claims to be the ultimate weapon in the war against cellulite. With celebrities like Madonna backing it, you can’t but not agree. Reportedly the material girl has shelled out a sum of £50,000 ($77,250) to have this machine installed in her home. The aforementioned device, a Swiss-manufactured D-Actor device, utilizes acoustic wave therapy (AWT) to target dimples.

AWT has been used for several decades to make kidney stones disintegrate and to ease joint pain. While treating female athletes’ joints, doctors noticed a marked improvement in the appearance of their thighs. And that’s how AWT’s cellulite fighting abilities were noticed. The device works by blasting problem zones with compressed air, creating rapid pulsations on the surface while sending pressure waves to the underlying skin where cellulite develops.
The treatment can be used on areas that are prone to dimples, including the bottom, thighs, arms, and tummy. But don’t expect any miracles, as a study published on the website of Storz Medical says patients may see only a small decrease in their thigh diameter after using this machine.
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