Madonna’s new bling ring

It’s incredible how celebrities find it so easy to spend a lot of money. Madonna has decided to bring back knuckle bling in a big way. Sporting a shiny new “M-Dolla” knuckle ring for the cover of her new album, Hard Candy, the pop-queen proves, once again, that some celebrities just make too much money. The ring, designed by Chopard, is made up of a whopping 258 brilliant cut white diamonds which includes Chopard’s signature floating diamond. The Swiss jewelers have done other ridiculously-expensive work for the ‘Erotica’ singer earlier, designing a diamond necklace for her Confessions on a Dance Floor tour.

Although considering the size of it, it seems very practical – it would make one heck of a weapon against all that paparazzi. And really, as far as the paparazzi go, who wouldn’t rather be socked with 258 diamonds rather than something mundane like a gold shoe?