Mariah Carey to bid for Michael Jackson’s furniture piece at Juliens Auction’s auction

As we had reported earlier, Juliens Auctions will be auctioning furniture pieces belonging to Michael Jackson today in Las Vegas. Michael had bought the luxury furniture to fill the London mansion he was supposed to live in during the run of the “This Is It” tour. Among the many bidders that are sure to turn out at the auction will be singer Mariah Carey’s interior designer, Kenneth Bordewick. It is being reported that Mariah Carey has been bowled over by an ornate living room set and has asked her designer to bid on this beauty. MJ purchased the living room set for $200,000, but it is expected to fetch a cool $1 million at the auction with bids starting at $150,000. The proceeds (minus commissions of course) will go towards the Michael Jackson estate. Will Mariah Carey get to adorn her living room with this exquisite furniture set? We will have to wait and see.

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