Marilyn Monroe’s name to be a brand soon thanks to a Multi-Million Dollar deal

Delebs seem to earn more than the ones alive these days! And although she passed away almost 50 years back, Marilyn Monroe can still make the cash registers ring. And despite her life ended ages ago, Authentic Brands, which also handles Bob Marley’s estate and entertainment licensing company Neca have decided to picking up the rights to the stunning blonde’s name. A report from Financial Times reveals that the new owners of Monroe’s name have big plans to use it. Although nothing has been disclosed yet, but the deal is said to be close to $30 million.

Monroe’s name was said to fetch between $4 and $5 million just a year back, but this move has made her name more financially viable. Apart from selling lingerie, curling irons, and handbags in her name, BusinessWeek reports that a reality show representing her plan is also in the pipeline. And Shakespeare once asked what’s in a name!

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