Mel Gibson’s split with wife could leave him with only half of his $950 million fortune

Another high profile drama is set to rock Hollywood as a celebrity couple has decided to end their marriage. And the couple headed for splits-villa this time is none other than Mel Gibson and his wife, who have been married for 28 long years. Gibson’s wife Robyn lodged papers in Los Angeles Superior Court weeks after Gibson was pictured frolicking on a beach in Costa Rica with an unidentified brunette. And under Californian law, she could take half of her husband’s £640million ($950) fortune! Robyn’s court papers state ‘irreconcilable differences’ while Mel is still denying having an affair with the brunette musician who goes by the name Oksana.

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However, Robyn has yet to determine the separation date, which Mel states was August 26, 2006, a month after his controversial drink driving arrest, in his divorce petition. Mrs. Gibson is being represented in the divorce by the lawyer Laura Wasser. An enormous fight is now on the cards over what is considered the largest fortune of any Hollywood actor. The actor can command over £ 17 million ($25million) per film and has earned huge profits for his movies. He is an avid real estate investor with properties in Malibu, Australia, Fiji, and Costa Rica. He also owns a £28million ($42 million) church in California.
With so much money involved, this legal battle promises to be anything but simple.

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