Melania Trump allows a glimpse into her opulent life

Refinery29 scored an exclusive interview with Melania Trump. For those of you pleading ignorance, she is the wife of American businessman Donald Trump who needs no introduction. One would think being a spouse of such a well-known personality and successful businessman, Melania Trump would love to sit back and enjoy all the goodness life has offered her. In fact, it is just the opposite. In her interview, she shared some very candid insights about her life and attempted to dismiss all the preconceived notions the world has of her. She wears many different hats, including that of a successful businesswoman as well as a mom to a five-year-old son Baron.

Her line of jewelry is sold exclusively on QVC and has flashy pieces with regular ones for every occasion. Melania confesses to wearing them all the time.
In addition to the interview, we can also enjoy a tour of the Trump penthouse, and here are some of the pictures of the very luxe abode.
While she may be photographed wearing the latest Louboutins, she actually prefers to wear flats when playing around with her son Baron. She also adds that her favorite clothing is jeans that she prefers to dress up or dress down as the occasion demands.
This interview does surprise us and Melania Trump’s confessions are eye-opening. We cannot help but think of her as almost human in spite of all her riches.