Messi receives a colorful Swarovski-studded self-portrait worth $50 million

Being labeled as the world’s best soccer player has its own benefits, doesn’t it? People are so taken by stars and celebs that they tend to kind of idolize them. Like who would have known that Lionel Messi would be paid an ode with Ginza Tanaka, immortalizing the player’s left foot! This is another story of craziness that surrounds the player – Mauricio Benitez, the Colombian artist, better known as Mr. Bling, presented Messi a gift – a portrait of the soccer star, made entirely of colored Swarovski crystals. How bling could that be!

Messi was recently in Medellin, Colombia attending a charity soccer game called “Lionel Messi and Friends vs. The Rest of the World.” The ticket-based game was held for the benefit of children suffering from terminal illness, and of course won by 9-6. The game was quite a success with about 15,000 customers. It was during a training week in Colombia that Mr. Bling saw it appropriate to hand Messi the portrait, which is estimated at $50 million (£33 million).

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[Via – Nesn]