Michael Jackson’s estate reportedly rakes in a billion dollars after his death

One of the theories surrounding the untimely death of Michael Jackson was that “MJ was worth more dead than alive.” And nearly a year after the pop legends’ death, these words have proved to be true. Reportedly, Jackson’s estate has raked in close to a billion dollars in the year since he died. That’s nearly two-thirds of what Elvis Presley’s estate has made in the 33 years since his death, making Jacko the greatest artist ever. This whopping sum is 47 times what the debt-ridden King of Pop made the previous year.

More than 415,000 albums were sold in the first four days of the announcement of his death in America alone, and 2.3million songs were downloaded across the world. The This Is It film released after his death added to the profits by earning $900m. His estate, which is run by two US lawyers, has signed some of the most lucrative deals ever since the King of Pop’s death, including a $250million deal with Sony for continuing rights to his music and further unreleased songs and a $200million contract with Cirque du Soleil to create a Michael Jackson show in Las Vegas, is also said to be in the pipeline. The estate also earns profits from The Beatles songwriting catalog, which MJ bought in 1985.
Since the estate has won a court order to keep details about the public’s money, we cannot ascertain the exact amount of profits. But if rumor mills are true, then the ones to benefit the most from these profits will be MJ’s three children Prince Michael, 12, Paris, 11, and Blanket, seven, who will get billions from their trust funds when they reach 21.

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