Michael Jackson’s self-created art collection is on view at an LA airport hangar

When Michael Jackson died, many people, like Cirque du Soleil’s Guy Laliberté, were rumored to be going strong to get his art collection estimated to a cool $900 million. Considering that he didn’t really own a Picassos but something he made himself all to be exhibited 18 years ago for charity may have something to do with it too. Owned by Jackson’s art mentor Brett-Livingstone Strong together with the Jackson estate, an L.A. Weekly report states that that the art is currently at a Santa Monica Airport hangar which also doubled as his studio at times. Now what does the collection have you ask? Well, to start with there is large interactive giant bronze sculpture of MJ where people can actually get hitched. The Australian builder Strong co-designed the monument-cum-chapel with Jackson.

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Then there are loads of wax pencil sketches by MJ on a variety of themes like “chairs (usually quite baroque), gates, keys, and the number 7,” L.A. Weekly reported. In fact he made a portrait Bubbles his pet money’s face merged into a chair. MJ’s collection also has self-portraits, along with pictures of George Washington and Paul McCartney. Set as a fundraiser for Walt Disney’s Big Brothers of Los Angeles (now Big Brothers Big Sisters), because of his child molestation case scandal, they canned the project. The hangar is also house to the wax pencils, paper a white feathered quill and white glove that MJ used when creating his art.

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