Michael Jackson’s throne, crown and other belongings on display at O2 bubble

Michael Jackson, The Official Exhibition would open at the O2 Bubble for public from Wednesday. The event is set to happen just a few feet away from where he had announced his comeback tour before his death. The exhibition features many bling packed souvenirs including an oil painting of the king of pop in the attire of a king. The exhibition would also feature a life sized crown, a throne and even a rocket ship that were dear to him.

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These items are not only priceless but are legacies to his persona which tragically came to an abrupt halt. Other exhibits include a 1967 Rolls Royce, a carousel-style rocking horse, which was a gift to Michael Jackson by Dame Elizabeth, and also many signature jewelled gloves. You could also read about MJ’s portrait by Andy Warhol which is estimated to fetch millions. Recently, his white gloves fetched $70,000.
Via: Telegraph

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