Michael Jordan’s son may wear $3 Million Sneakers

Being the son of the world’s greatest basketball player may have its own advantages and some disadvantages as well. Michael Jordan’s son Marcus Jordan plays for the University of Central Florida, and sponsor Adidas is engaged in a bitter fight with Nike. The reason behind the fight being Marcus wants to wear his father’s brand Air Jordan, which may cost the University $3 million in lawsuits. Adidas sponsors UCS, and Nike sponsors the University of Florida basketball team.

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This, Adidas does not want Marcus to wear Nike shoes on the court as that would be seen as not being loyal to the brand that supports the basketball team. Meanwhile, Marcus does not seem to be bothered by these arguments as all that he wants to do is, wear his dear father’s sneakers, which could very well be the world’s most expensive if Adidas decides to ask for compensation of $3 million. You could also check Prada Red Sneakers and the Massive Sneaker Collection we wrote about earlier.
Via: Watoday

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