Michelle Braun’s arrest reveals she supplied prostitutes to celebrities

The news of the arrest of Michelle Braun has rocked the A-Listers lives and sent them retreating back into their cocoons. The mother-of-two has confessed to running a vice ring supplying the most expensive call girls in the world to celebrities, business chiefs and well known public figures. Her ring constituted of fashion models, Hollywood actresses, and Playboy centerfolds who were able to command up to £30,000 ($ 49,100) a night for sex! Braun herself made a handsome commission of over £5million ($8 million) by running this racket. She was exposed nearly two years ago when she gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine in which she said “All I do is make the introductions between famous girls and rich guys who want to meet them.” Braun apparently charged men £1,000 ($1,650) just to register with her website and only after could they see the pictures of the available women.

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She was trapped by the FBI when she agreed to fly a girl from Los Angeles to New York to meet a client who was an undercover agent. She has been charged for transporting a woman across state lines for sex and the agents have seized her computers and phone records. The identities of her clients have not been named yet but if her lawyer is to be believed, they include some really big names that might shock everyone.
Braun however has agreed to a plea deal which will allow her to escape jail but she is expected to be fined £20,000 ($33,000) and given six months of home confinement.

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