Michelle Obama’s gown joins the new First Ladies exhibition at the National Museum of American History

First Lady Michele Obama has once again joined the distinguished list of First Ladies exhibition. The gown she wore for her husband, President Obama’s inauguration, will be displayed at the National Museum of American History. The evening gown designed by Jason Wu will be exhibited at the event titled “The First Ladies.” Helen Taft first started the tradition of donating the inaugural gown. The general public was always fascinated by the First Ladies’ sense of fashion. They closely followed Jacqueline Kennedy, who made a point to promote domestic couture, which was trendsetting for that time.

Nancy Reagan was known for her love of color red, and Caroline Harrison’s burgundy and satin gray evening gown perhaps was the first to be decked out with pearls and steel beads.
In addition to the gowns, the exhibit will also display the First Ladies personal objects such as Laura Bush’s state china, the scrap of fabric from Lincoln’s White House parlor, a copy of the book Treasure Island belonging to Charley Taft given by Edith Roosevelt, and a piece of burnt wood from the executive mansion.
All in all the exhibit will feature 26 dresses and 160 objects all belonging to the First Ladies.

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