Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s 300 foot yacht singlehandedly destroys 14,000 square feet of coral reefs!

Given the fact that coral reefs are magical underwater ecosystems that play home to a number of marine species, spots like these are protected by environmental departments, globally. However, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Paul Allen seems to have forgotten about the importance of coral reefs in nature recently, and has been blamed for the destruction of a coral reef in a protected ecosystem in the Caribbean! According to reports, Allen’s yacht, the 300-foot-long MV Tatoosh, was anchored near the Cayman Islands. In the process, the yacht’s anchor chain destroyed nearly 14,000 square feet of the sensitive coral reef, disturbing 80 percent of the protected coral species.

Citing Department of Environment officials, the Cayman news service reported, “Early findings already indicate extensive damage and investigations into the circumstances of the incident are ongoing, with the assistance of staff aboard the Microsoft billionaire’s superyacht, which was anchored close to the Doc Poulson wreck and The Knife dive site.” The incident occurred on the 14th of January and Allen’s office has, obviously, denied the allegations made against his crew and him. If found at fault, Allen will be fined $600,000 for the destruction! This incident is particularly awkward for the Microsoft co-founder, given the fact that he’s the flag bearer for supporting ocean health.

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[ Via : Ibtimes ]

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