Mohammed Ali and his grandson to feature in new Louis Vuitton ads

Classic is Louis Vuitton, and how? A pretty model with dusted gold won’t do. A style icon with a pretty face won’t even come close. For Louis Vuitton’s new face is Muhammad Ali, the 3-year-old grandson of iconic boxer Md. Ali and son of retired boxer Laila Ali and her former NFL hubby Curtis Conroy! See him standing in his gloves, besides that $1,525 Keepall logo bag in the photo- chest out, feet apart with a look that says he loves the attention, and you’d know his roots are rooted. Reminiscent of Ali in the 1940s, yes, this the year has got the looks of his grandfather, this ad is perchance the most influential I have seen- simply because of its unique power to “stand out in the sea of largely unmemorable fashion and luxury ads that rely on nudity or shock value to grab a split-second of our scattered attention.” True that!

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So, why imagery that has nothing to do with fashion? Critics might say that it’s pure art direction with the brands slapped on, but we say it represents classics’ sustainability. Image advertising taken to the level of great advertising, this is a fashion ad that’s anything but stale.

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