Most expensive body parts insured by celebrities

It’s no longer surprising or shocking to hear of celebrities and sports personalities getting their body parts insured for millions of dollars. So today we thought we’d entertain you with trivia about some of the most expensive (and weird of course) insurance policies of global celebrities. One of the most commonly insured body part seems to be legs. Celebrities who have insured their legs for extremely high sums include super model, Heidi Klum who has insured her legs for a sum of $2.2million (one million dollars for her left leg while 200,000 dollars less than her right because of a small mark on her knee). Joining her is actor Jamie Lee Curtis whose legs have been insured for a cool $2million. Rihanna another leggy lass has her legs insured for $1million. But the surprise is Mariah Carrey whose legs are reportedly insured for a sum of $1 billion! On the sports field, namely football, hottie David Beckham holds the title for the most expensive insurance policy in sports history having insured his legs for a cool $70million!

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Moving up from the legs, to the buttocks, singer Jennifer Lopez is said to have reportedly insured her voluptuous ass for a sum ranging between $27 to 800 million. Dolly Parton can claim to have the most expensive insurance policy for her breasts having insured them for a sum of $600,000. Tina Turner too is another celebrity who has her breast insured for $790,000 while her legs are insured for $3.2million. Moving further up, when it comes to a toothy grin, America Ferrera rules the roost with an insurance cover of $10million for her teeth.
And believe it or not, Rolling Stone guitarist, Keith Richard’s middle finger of his left hand is reportedly insured for a whopping $1.6million!
Wonder who will be the next celebrity to join this bizarre list.

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