Mystery celebrity commissions 24-carat gold guitar

The excesses of celebrities are not something new to be heard. We know of celebrities who spend millions on something that might seem totally zany to less fortunate people. The latest celebrity to make news for such wild spending is a mystery English celebrity who lives in Monaco. The celebrity has commissioned a 24-carat gold guitar, which almost cost a “four-figure.” Apparently, the electric guitar was coated and dabbed with 24-carat gold so that the celebrity could hang it on the wall.

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The Fender Stratocaster was coated with gold by a precious metal specialist firm based in Glastonbury. Graham Baker, the 50-year-old precious metal specialist, stripped the aluminum guitar down and then coated it with gold plate. The guitar not only looks totally outlandish, but it also looks quite sinful. You could take a look at Jimi Hendrix’s first guitar as well as the Steampunk guitar about which we have already written about. Meanwhile, the mystery celebrity has remained a mystery, and it is not known who it really is.
Via: [Pursuitist]

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