Naomi Campbell has $4 million birthday bash in Moscow

It was celebration time for Naomi Campbell who brought in her 40th birthday last week in great style. The birthday celebrations were reportedly a week long affair that began with her stay in the French Riviera followed by Moscow. Accompanying her was Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin who made sure his lady had a blast. The party in Moscow was held on May 25 and saw the attendance of a number of celebrities who joined Naomi in her celebrations. Passersby in the Russian capital saw a throng of fancy vehicles like the Rolls Royce, Hummers and Maybachs driving towards the venue where the beauty reportedly had her party. But due to the tinted shades, the high profile occupants in the cars could not be made out. The evening is said to have cost a cool $4 million. What is more, star struck folks were allowed to attend the party by shelling out around $3,000 to $ 6,000 apiece for the entry ticket to this party.

After seeing the grand celebrations Naomi must surely have forgotten all her qualms (if any) about turning 40.
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