Napoleon’s sword goes under the hammer for $6.4 million!

Napoleon had a sword which was then given to his brother by him as a wedding gift way back in 1805 and after he was another unidentified owner who has taken this historically important sword home. Apart from it being a memorable part of Napoleon’s life and personal memories it can also be a great collect for art connoisseurs and I’m sure the buyer is pretty pleased with his latest purchase even if it came with a price tag of $6.4 million

The sword was actually carried by Napoleon before he was emperor into the Battle of Marengo back in June of 1800. What makes this sword even more special is that it’s declared a national treasure and if ever a foreign buyer happens to buy this then it has to remain in France for at least five months out of the year. Obviously, France will be missing its national treasure a tad too much so its homecoming for at least a few months. It’s really tough to part with the real beautiful things in life.

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