Nespresso casts George Clooney as their leading man

Nespresso has cast George Clooney as the leading man of their U.S. campaign. The 52 year old hunk has been signed as the brand ambassador of the premium coffee company. Beginning 2nd November, Clooney will be featured in the brand’s novel marketing campaign broadcasted across U.S. media, which identifies Nespresso as “a cup above”. We hear the campaign will also run in Canada.

We got a quick preview of the commercial starring the Hollywood hunk promoting Nespresso and here’s how it goes. Clooney adorns a war General costume in a movie studio, where he is lined up for coffee. Also, starring in the commercial is Danny DeVito, wearing a Napoleon costume. Danny is pouring himself a coffee from an antiquated coffee pot while George brews himself a fresh Nespresso. Danny, and various other characters in costume, is intrigued with George’s coffee selection and proceeds to ask Clooney to introduce him to Nespresso. Clooney, in his characteristic wit and charm, agrees to train Danny in the art of good taste – from his coffee selection to the beauty of tango dancing to a finely tailored suit.

In the end, George himself is even impressed. Through their entertaining and comedic interplay, Clooney and DeVito demonstrate how everyone can “Experience a cup above.”

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