Netflix slated to feature Coachella x Beyonce documentary

There’s no doubt that the small screen is now garnering oodles of attention – just take a quick glance around and you will notice a plethora of Bollywood and Hollywood actors that have made an appearance on digital platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. And of course, our beloved Beyonce wants a piece of the cake.

Digital platform Netflix posted a tweet on Sunday, hinting at a rumoured Beyonce concert documentary that is in the pipeline. Beyonce’s performance at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival was mind-boggling; and now Netflix has decided to document the performance in a documentary.

Granted Netflix’s tweet was not direct, but the yellow title card with the phrase “Homecoming” on it, using Greek-style lettering for the E and O’s resembles one of the outfits Beyonce wore during her Coachella performance.


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