Nicholas Cage buys another island

Hollywood heartthrob Nicholas cage has bought yet another island. He seems to be in love with the Caribbean islands as this is his second island in that locale. The island had been on the market for a while and was recently acquired by the 42-year-old star of Lord of War, The Weather Man, and The Leaving Las Vegas Oscar winner. The locale seems to be pretty hi-profile as it has names like Faith Hill and Tim McGraw in its vicinity. it cost him $3 million and he plans to turn into a romantic hideaway for him and wife Alice, who he married in 2004. This guy sure knows how to be romantic! According to the Wall Street Journal, the island could be developed, although it is now untouched. He also has a house on Paradise Island – just across the bridge from Nassau.

Nicholas Cage also owns another Bahamian island which he had bought in 2002. I guess he really fell for this island cause it made him sell his luxury Malibu, California home for nearly $10 million. Well, not a problem you have 3 more places to go to!

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