Nicolas Anelka is World’s Most Expensive Footballer for $170 million

Fame, status, wild fans, and loads of cash……….that is what you get when you are a ‘first-class’ football player. As I write this, Nicolas Anelka has managed to bag the honor of being the most expensive footballer in the world. Currently, he plays for Chelsea in the Premier League after signing from Bolton Wanderers for a reported £15 million. As a result, he became the most expensive player in football history, with a combined transfer fee of £87 million pounds. Here’s a bit of info on this player in case you have been ignorant of him – Nicolas Anelka is a French footballer who plays in the forward position. After winning the 1998-99 PFA Young Player of the Year award and making his name at Arsenal, he has changed clubs several times playing for nine teams in scarcely more than ten years, earning himself the nickname “Le Sulk”] in the process.

Former Blues midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron holds the record at the moment with accumulated fees of £77.2m.