No work all gain for Stephenie ‘Twilight’ Meyer who earns $40 Million without a single release

Imagine reaping the rewards for a long sown and redeemed deed! While fans wait for Stephenie Meyer to get her inspiration back to finish the fifth and possibly final book of the Twilight series, the teen-writer is busy raking in the moolah. Despite not releasing a book for the last one year, the author earned a staggering $40 million, second only to James Patterson, who earned a neat $70 million as per the Forbes rankings for the world’s highest-paid writers.

Adding to her bank balance is a cool $7 million in 2009 as the Twilight series was adapted into a motion picture avatar. The third Twilight adaptation alone earned $175 million in its first six days of release. Unlike Meyer, James Patterson, who notched the top honors, has work to do as he is under a contract to come out with another 17 books by the end of 2012. Third on the list is horror-writer Stephen King with an income of $34 million, and the list ends with JK Rowling, who made just $10 million this year.