Noami Campbell in and out of jail – Again!

You would think Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 has had enough bad press with a lot of baggage getting misplaced but to add to the spice Naomi Campbell spat at an officer in a fit of anger! Nothing like a hot celebrity throwing temper tantrums to catch everyone’s attention huh? So anyway, this is how the story goes. The chocolate beauty was separated from her baggage and lost her cool with the British Airlines staff. In spite of many assurances from them that she would be reunited with her luggage, she continues throwing a fit even after having boarded the plane. As all good airline staff would do, when they could not handle the situation, they called security who tried getting Naomi to calm down. And what does she do instead? Eyewitnesses said she spat at an officer and laid her fists on him. Patience wearing thin, Naomi was arrested for assaulting an officer and hauled out of the aircraft kicking and screaming all the way to the police station

The British supermodel who was on her way to the United States to attend a memorial service has been given bail and is out of police custody (I’m sure if the cops had their way they would keep her in there for a while longer). Methinks old fashioned bending over and getting her ass spanked (no I am not trying to be kinky – I say this in all seriousness) is the best way to go for this hot-headed model. Let me be crueler – this should be done in public and amongst her colleagues. I know it might seem a bit over the top, but what do you do with a woman who always throws a fit and abuses people and gets away with it time and again?? Where is the “true” justice in this world I ask??!!