Oops! She did it again…with Porsche Speedster

I don’t know how much does pop princess Britney Spears know about cars, to be more specific vintage cars. In any case, she has picked one up. She singled out dazzling, silver 1956 Porsche 356A Speedster this week. The classic car is the design that catapulted the Porsche into popularity in the US. The car looks like it’s in prime condition and is probably worth in the neighbourhood of $70,000. As far as I know, the car is a two-seater, so is she leaving the baby home or the baby’s daddy? It’s better if she leaves the baby home as the Toxic driver can’t negotiate a manual transmission, she’s seen in the photo above taking instruction from her unidentified co-driver.

Now, who really cares about that I am sure it’s the car that everyone is more interested in.

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