Oscar losers to be consoled with $92,000 goody bags

Here’s another story of the rich getting richer. We’ve heard of actors being invited to ‘gifting suites’ set up in hotels before the ceremony, where they are allowed to pick up their item of choice from the dozens of luxury treats in return for posing for a photograph to help promote the product. But this year’s ‘return gift’ to the nominee who didn’t win an Oscar is way too outrageous! The nominees are being offered a £61,000 ($92,000) ‘gift basket’ which includes an African Safari, tickets to an all exclusive fitness bootcamp and a Tiffany crystal studded cat collar! The unofficial, ‘Everybody wins at the Oscars’ gift bag from Distinctive Assets includes the £30,000 African Safari for 16 people, trips to Monte Carlo and a private island in the Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean’s as well as the feline collar.

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Apparently, very few of the big names showed up as they were worried about alienating recession-hit fans with heavily laden gifts. If the celebrities though they empathized with the ‘recession-hit’ fans, then they are utterly wrong, as there were other means of helping them out. Like accepting the goody bags and selling them off and donate the proceeds to Haiti victims.

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