Paris does a Monroe to promote her latest perfume

I seriously wonder, what Paris Hilton was thinking when she thought of emulating one of Hollywood’s legends to promote a perfume brand. The socialite dressed up as Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe to promote her TENTH perfume range. A photo posted on her twitter page shows the heiress flaunting her locks (which look to have been dyed even paler) styled in a classic Marilyn wave. With a glossy red lipstick, big eyelashes and a perfectly applied beauty spot, Paris tried her best to ooze the classic 50’s charm. Her twitter post read, ‘On set of the photo shoot for my new fragrance. I can’t believe this is my 10th fragrance! I feel so proud and happy.’ I am dressed as Marilyn Monroe, so hot.’ Wonder if this unique promotional photo shoot help Paris find buyers for her yet to be named perfume.

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