Paris Hilton bonds well with her pet Miss Piglette

Besides her wild partying ways, Paris Hilton is also known for her love for animals. The 28-year-old shares her home with 13 animals and is known to spoil and pamper them silly. But if you think it’s her darling Chihuahua that reins her heart, think again. The pet that rules this socialite’s heart is none other than Miss Piglette, her micro-pig. Paris’ love and the attachment for her little pig were eminent when she cradled her little pig and wrapped her in a furry pink blanket as she posed next to her Christmas tree. What is more, Paris even revealed that she and her boyfriend cuddle up to the miniature pig in bed. ‘Doug and I will be lying in bed, watching DVDs, and she’ll just lie there between us,’ she says. Hello! Magazine.

We are sure Miss Piglette is on top of the world with an owner like Paris Hilton.

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