Paris Hilton gets ‘mini doggie mansion’ and ‘designer toys’ for her pets

I’ve heard of parents gifting a ‘Barbie house’ or a ‘Formula one house’ to their children. I never heard of pet owners gifting their pets with a ‘mini doggie mansion’ or ‘designer toys.’ That’s what controversial celeb Paris Hilton has done recently. If you could manage to break into her Twitter profile, you might be able to check out the photos of this mini doghouse that looks better than any mansion we’d own in 2 decades. Okay, maybe that was an exaggeration, but it’s still too much to vest into the hands/paws of the pooches.

Maybe sensible lads and ladies like us never choose to do something like that for our pets even if we had the money, however, these things may come naturally to those who love their pets like their own children, hence the generous splurging. Philosophies apart, I’m just fantasizing about ‘driving’ that comfy car and playing with those soft toys instead of those stupid dogs!

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