Paris Hilton splurges on a luxury rodent mansion for her pet hamster

I don’t know what her thoughts about human rights are, but when it comes to animals, make that her animals, Paris Hilton believes inequality. The socialite who indulged her beloved pet dogs with a doggy mansion have now splurged on a luxurious rodent mansion for her pet hamster. The new lavish plastic abode for the hamster is a far cry from the common aquarium with a dusty wheel in which most pet hamsters reside. Her pet hamster’s unique cage is being built by her current love interest, Las Vegas nightclub owner Cy Waits. Her Twitter page read, “My love is putting together this hamster cage for me, so sweet.” And it’s not just the hamster who seems excited about his new abode; the hotel heiress’s cat – Princess Annabelle, seems fascinated by the cage as well. Paris tweeted saying, “He loves his new rodent mansion 😉 haha, but Princess Annabelle loves it too ha. (sic)”

No matter what we humans think about the lady, her pets are sure to love her unconditionally.

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