People of Today list affirms David Beckham to be a major wine taster

Debrett’s People of Today listed UK’s most influential 25,000 people and its online list which caught us by quite a revelation. Apparently, they got to know that David Beckham enjoys wine tasting and magician Derren Brown prefers to stuff dead animals. Richard E Grant disclosed that he enjoys making doll houses and Michael Gambon prefers collecting guns and making clocks. John Cleese on the other hand liked to indulge in gluttony and sloth in his spare time. A rival to the magazine British’s Who’s Who, the magazine catalogues the biographies of Britain’s most distinguished figures including peers, academics, writers, business leaders, civil servants, clergy and politicians alongside those of men and women from the worlds of the arts, media, fashion, music and sport.

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That’s one real long list for our talented assortment. The list is a well-deserved entitlement to the public who’d like to know what’s behind their favorite entities when they’re not busy entertaining the world.