Peter Andre gets a customized Jaguar for his five year old

Celebrity kids have a life filled with material gifts, look at Suri Cruise or Brad Pitt’s kids. I guess a divorced couple tries extra hard to woo their kids to keep the family happy. After Katie Price, a.k.a Jordan, splurged on a private jet, it was the turn of dotting father to make up for missing out on his juniors birthday. The 37-year old Aussie hunk got his 5-year old a customized electronic Jaguar crafted by his friend Phil. And he’s a responsible dad, too; the car comes with a speed limit of five miles per hour. Guess he’s older than Suri to own a car anyway!

He tells new! Magazine “I didn’t get to see Junior on his actual birthday. But I’m hoping the fact that I’ve got him a custom made, electronic Jaguar will make up for it!” He further adds, “It’s got adjustable seats so that it will fit Junior for the next few years, and it’s even got a personalized number plate!”
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