President Obama and wife celebrate Valentines Day at Table Fifty-Two

Wondering where the President and the First Lady spent Valentines Day? Like many other couples, the charming President, Obama took his ladylove, to an exquisite Valentines Day dinner. The pair dined at a Chicago restaurant called Table Fifty-Two, which is owned by Oprah’s former personal chef, Art Smith. This too was a completely private affair, as the President and his lovely wife were whisked away by the Chef to a private dining room. Table Fifty-Two is known for its generous portions and we are sure the two left quite satisfied. This choice of restaurant was a surprise for all those who expected the couple to dine at either Spiaggia for its Italian food or at Topolobampo for Rick Bayless’s Mexican/Southwestern fare.

Looks like Smith has won a place in the heart or should we say stomach of America’s most powerful couple.

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