Prince William joins hands Sir David Attenborough for a $64 million Nobel-like environmental Earthshot award

Climate change is real, and if you’re a genius who can evade it – The Duke of Cambridge will offer you a Noble-style award for it! Yes, that’s right! In a bid to recognize and celebrate ideas and technologies that can target the environmental change, Prince William has launched the Earth shot award with a $64 million (£50m) prize fund.

According to him, the initiative is about “harnessing that optimism and that urgency to find solutions to some of the world’s greatest environmental problems.” Onward 2021, winners in five categories (sport, the environment, entertainment, business, and philanthropy) will receive $1.2 million (£1m) annually as part of it.

Commenting on the award, Prince William said, “I think with all things in life if you are willing to make a difference you have to put yourself out there and you have to commit yourself and be determined and maybe go places that you might feel uncomfortable, other people might feel uncomfortable, but really for me, the prize is about bringing people together.”

He further added, “It’s a team prize, and if we can really harness everyone’s ability to come together and tackle the Earth’s biggest environmental problems, then I think the prize is the right way of doing it because you’re rewarding, you’re incentivizing, and you’re encouraging.” The Earthshot prize will be awarded to innovative ideas that can help protect and restore nature, clean our air, revive our oceans, build a waste-free world, and fix our climate.”

If you’re an environmentalist with ingenious ideas – this is your chance to hit the bull’s eye! Nominations for the award will open on 1 November 2020, with the official ceremony held in London in 2021.

[Via: CNN]

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