Prince Charles rakes up most expensive travel bills in the history of royal accounts

Prince Charles can now add ‘Hypocrite’ to the list of names given to him by the public. If reports are to be believed the Prince has sent the travel bills soaring with two of the most expensive trips in the history of royal accounts. Apparently the prince hired private jets for both these occasions and believe it or not these jets were to fly him to events designed to highlight environmental issues and global warming! And hence the new tag – Hypocrite. The tour on behalf of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to the Far East last autumn has cost taxpayers a whopping £694,081 ($1,161,811), including flights for staff. While his visit to South America in March conjured up a bill of £698,890 ($1,168,681)! Add to this £20,980 ($35,100) he spent on hiring a private plane to take him and wife Camilla from Scotland to Lincolnshire to watch Prince William receive his RAF wings. These expensive and lavish trips have surely made the tax payers sour.

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Its time Prince Charles goes green and economical to avoid the fury of the mob that is already seeing red.