RIM uses celebrity Blackberry users as reference for publicity

A power point presentation courtesy of a RIM ninja, RIM displayed images of Lindsay Lohan, Michael Phelps, Cameron Diaz, John Mayer, Brad and Angelina, and Jessica Alba. Apparently, they also put up a note saying, “In Australia, we have celebrities such as Jennifer Hawkins and Jamie Jury using BB. Michael Phelps got a message in his BB from the president after winning 8 gold medals at recent Olympics!!!!” While most companies have brand ambassadors and celebrity users to brag about, it never seems widely expicit or ‘wannabe-like’

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The goof-up that RIM committed is the way it used the celeb news to influence it’s employees. Although using celeb names to create desire among the celeb fans might be lame to many, the strategy is actually effective in promoting the end product. Nevertheless, one feat of this sort wouldn’t go far in marring RIM’s reputation.

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