Robert Pattinson to be paid $12 million to be the new face of Dior.

Hot on the heels of Brad Pitt’s $7 million deal to become the first male face of Chanel No:5, Dior has reportedly signed a deal to pay Robert Pattinson $12 million to be the new face of the brand. While Pattinson doesn’t seem like the most traditional choice for the high fashion brand, a look back at his many edgy red carpets looks from a plum-colored suit to a powder blue one, will explain this partnership. The three-year deal is one of the biggest endorsements in the actor’s career; the deal will put him on par with his on again, off again girlfriend Kristen Stewart, who is the face of Balenciaga’s “Florabotanica.” The lead actor from Twilight is a heartthrob and a well-accomplished actor, known for his more progressive roles. He will lend an element of youth and edginess to the high fashion brand.
[Latimes and Ctvnews]

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