Roger Federer tops Forbes list of the highest paid Tennis players

One field that is fast competing with the film industry in both the glamour and income-generating department is the world of sports. Given their global appeal, sports personalities have an advantage over their celluloid counterparts when generating dough. Our various stories of the fees commanded by many football stars are proof of this. But if you think only the football players have the ability to command such dough, you are definitely wrong. Have a look at this list of the world’s highest-paid Tennis players to know that the sports world’s high grosser is not just the football players. The list compiled by Forbes throws light on the high income earned by Tennis stars. Coming as no surprise, the frontrunner or the topper of this list is none other than Roger Federer. The current World No. 2 ranked tennis player earned $43 million in the last 12 months courtesy of his many winning feats on the courts and his sponsorship deals with Nike, Wilson, Gillette, and Mercedes-Benz.

Following Federer is Maria Sharapova, who can credit much of her $24.5 million earnings over the past year to endorsement deals with leading brands including Nike, Prince, and Tiffany. Although second to Federer in this list, she tops the list of the best paid female athletes in the world.
The man responsible for toppling Federer from the spot of the World’s No 1 tennis player, Roger Nadal, comes in at number three on this list earning $21 million over the past year, including $5.6 million in prize money and the rest from endorsements and appearance fees.
Tennis sensation Serena Williams comes in at number four, earning $20 million in the last year.
Rounding off the top five and joining her sister is Venus William, who comes in at number five with $15 million earnings over the past year.
The remaining five on this list of the world’s top ten highest-paid Tennis players are as follows:
6. Andy Roddick. Earnings: $14 million.
7. Novak Djokovic ties with Andy Murray. Both have to earn $10 million each over the past year.
9. Ana Ivanovic. Earnings: $7 million.
10. Jelena Jankovic. Earnings: $5 million.

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