Roman Abramovich rumored to spend $75,000 on a bottle of Dom Perignon

Roman Abramovich and his extravagant lifestyle are forever making headlines in the luxury world. And whenever an outrageous spending spree is heard of, it is usually linked to this man. So it was no wonder that when reports claimed a Russian tycoon set a record for a wine sale in Britain recently when he spent $75,000, including a $15,000 tip, on a bottle of Dom Perignon in a London bar, it was thought to be none other than Mr. Abramovich. Although the buyer’s name hasn’t been released, going by his previous generous gestures (tips), there is little doubt that the man was Abramovich himself. The aforementioned wine is a Methuselah of the prized 1996 Rose Gold vintage. The large bottle, dipped in rose gold, holds 6 liters (1.59 gallons).

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The purchase reportedly took place this past Tuesday during an after-party to screen the new movie “Boogie Woogie” at the Westbury Hotel.

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