Royal Mint celebrates royal birth with £5 coin

Two days after the Town Crier announced the arrival of Britain’s new princess, the Royal Mint announces the limited edition £5 coin to commemorate the little doll. Five hundred gold coins and 9,500 silver coins will be produced, while babies born on the same day as the princess will be given a special silver 2015 silver penny. Great news, this. Celebrating life is always a wonderful thing, more so than a visit to a frozen foreign country or silly games.

royal-mint-celebrates-royal-coin-2The Royal Mint continues tradition with the new coin on behalf of the princess, after a similar treat for her elder brother George and also for their parent’s wedding. While this is a ritual for the royals, lady luck has struck other babies born on the same day too. Like little Sofia who was born at the Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in London, three hours after the princess. Other parents are being invited to register the birth of their baby on Royal Mint’s FB page.

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The Royal Mail has also joined in the celebrations by issuing a postmark which will appear on its letters across UK from tomorrow, for the first time since it began 500 years back (500!). It will read – ‘Congratulations TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the birth of their daughter’.

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They could have waited for the baby’s name to announced, though, mefeels.

[Via – Standard]

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