Royal granddaughter Zara Phillips splurges on $365,000 horsebox

If you are the World Eventing Champion, you are expected to live a life ‘Royally.’ And that is exactly what current champ and Royal by birth, Zara Phillips, is doing. She has splurged on a £250,000 ($365,000) horsebox. Aptly named, The Oakley ‘Supremacy’, it is the perfect “carriage” for Zara and her horses. This luxurious horsebox dressed in a walnut interior boasts of room for four horses, a shower, two widescreen TVs, a high-tech sound system, walnut interior, and computerized cameras. There is also a slide-out extension that will allow Zara to entertain her Royal guests.
Update – Images removed as per the request of the photographer.

The most supreme and luxurious horsebox, The Oakley ‘Supremacy’ is a treat for both Zara and her beloved horses.
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