Sarah Jessica Parker loves luxury freebies

If you think it’s only us mere average income earning folks who find it extremely hard to resist freebies, think again. Sarah Jessica Parker’s recent confession has shown that even those who wallow in luxury find it hard to pass on freebies. Yes, now it may be hard for some to believe this, but the star of Sex And The City revealed she is a hoarder and actually hung on to 12 pairs of Swarovski crystal cocktail glasses worth £3,250 ($4680) and kept a £6,000 ($8670) jeweled Pucci gown from Sex And The City 2! This stingy behavior from the actress makes one wonder whether she ever spends anything from her £10 million ($14.4million) earnings or believes in living on freebies.

Perhaps the star fears that the world is coming to an end and plans to invest her earnings in the $10million bunker.
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