Sir Ian Mckellan turned down a million dollars to be dressed as Gandalf for Sean Parkers wedding

Sir Ian McKellan is a character artist. He is in character when he stands in front of a rolling camera, but beyond that he is one Hollywood’s favourite wizards and a renowned actor. Apparently Napster billionaire Sean Parker had extended an invitation to Sir Ian to officiate his Tolkein-themed wedding to singer Alexandra Lenas in 2013. He was offered one million pounds (close to a million dollars) for this, and asked to come dressed as Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings, which he refused. It seems, it was just recently that Sir Ian learned this expensive request was made by Parker. “I am sorry, Gandalf doesn’t do weddings,” was his reply. Fair. The wedding, which cost Parker $9 million, eventually had LOTR costume designer Ngila Dickson make custom-made outfits for the guests, which included Sting and Emma Watson.

Sir Ian made it clear that he “doesn’t go dressing up”, except in “plays and things” at places like this. I would say this is a “thing”. No? And if it pays you a million bucks, why not? Principle, that is why. Principle makes for a vulnerable actor.

[ Via : Pagesix ]

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